Friday, October 1, 2010


My name is Andrew. I am 26 and gay. I am starting this blog as a forum to not only express my own thoughts and Ideas, but also for others to express their own. In the last 3 weeks their has been 5 suicides of gay teens. This is unacceptable. As my friend Sam Stansell said, 
"I think this country is sad. All of this discrimination, basically, becasue of Love. WHO you love. This needs to stop. There are way too many close minded, ignorant people out there. Hopefully one day they will wake up. I am NO different than anyone else. Who i sleep with, is MY personal choice. And I refuse to be something I am not to pacify these ignorant bigots. I feel terrible for the familys of these kids. It just shouldnt have happened. Not in America."
I couldn't agree more with this statement. I hope this can be a wakeup call to America. Homosexuality is not a choice. We cannot change who we are...just hide it. My heart breaks for those who are struggling with their sexuality. It hasn't been too long since I had my own struggle.  I was lucky that enough people loved and cared about me that when I finally did come "out of the closest" I was relatively welcomed out. My parents still do not take it well, but they are getting better. They are learning to live with it. I hope one day they will come to their senses and realize what I have been saying all this time. 
Another goal of this blog is to help educate myself and subsequently any readers on what is going on in the GLBTQ world. Ignorance is no excuse for lack of action. Elections are coming and I plan to do what I can in my state to make sure more and more GLBTQ sympathizers are elected. 
I am lucky that I live in a state that has stated barring gays from marriage is unconstitutional, but not everyone is so lucky. Even now Iowa, my home state, has groups wishing to amend our constitution to overturn that decision. I am going to do all that I can...will you?
I know this blog is a bit scattered, but I have a lot of ideas that I wanted to get out. 

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  1. This is wonderful i couldnt agree with you more although i am not gay i do have 2 mothers who Just recently were married Dec 31.. They have inspired me to become who i am someone who accepts all races and sexuality and someone who will stand up in what i believe in and i believe that everyone should have equal rights and that we need to make sure that every american is free in every way