Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Apology...

It has been some time since i posted anything on here. For this I am sorry. I would like to say I had some important things going on and so I just couldn't make the time, but the truth is I was just being lazy.
Some things have been happening to are very few. My life has take a turn for the boring. I am anticpating the arrival of my long time friend and fiancĂ©e a week from tomorrow. I am excited and nervous about this. You see, I have not met him in person. Just 7 years of chatting online and through webcam. I'm still not sure if we can actually function together physically. I guess the two weeks he is here will tell. I am thinking of ideas to help increase the functionality of this blog. Maybe a question and answer piece once a week and a spotlight feature. Those who read this, I would really like some feedback. What do you think will get people to read this and find it a valuable or entertaining blog? I am anxious to know your opinions. Even if you just happened to stubble on this thing...let me know
~Drew Ronny


  1. Hey there! I find the structure of this site is very topic speciffic oriented. Most topics are with regards to politics. Perhaps some other options to open up conversation would include a member based posting and open discusion area. This allows you to moderate whos posting, to reduce chances of crazy imposers, and allow a more varied list of options for disscusion. I myself read a ridiculous amount of video game news, and to impliment the subject of homosexuality, I tend to read articles with regards to sexuality in the video game culture. Please understand when I say, I care about my American neighbors and the struggle to get homophobia out of the house, but I dont understand alot of the political posts, as my interests lie elswhere. Offering a chance to do open disscusions also allows topics that you may not have thought of to occur, and allows yourself as Moderator to learn new things as well.

    Thanks! Happy time with your fiancee!

  2. Thanks Colin, That is very helpful. I have been thinking about doing that for a little while.