Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An Apology

I as sure all me readers ( the whole 4 of you) have noticed I have not really been keeping up with the blog lately. I am sorry for this. It is getting hard at this point in my life to manage it and think of things to post or write about that you are all going to give damn about. I do have some news that is good though. Back in October my longtime friend and love interest and I finally decided that we didn't care if it would be difficult and a little sill, but it was time that we did what we have wanted to do for years. We are getting married. Now, he is a Canadian, so it has been taking a lot of work to figure stuff out. I on;y get to see him most every night on Skype and that is about it. I will be seeing him in late April/early May. That is when we are tying the knot. I just have to figure out how I am going to throw it all together. Wish me luck lol.
~Drew Ronny


  1. Good Luck! As a Canadian, I can tell you that youre heading in the right direction :) Ever want children? (Just askin :) Grats bub!

    The title should be 'An Anouncment!' No apologies necessary in my mind :D

  2. A note for the Blog part. News is good stuff, but its also about you sweety! Even your own random thoughs are always welcome to read. Its YOUR mind after all right :D Grats again!

  3. Colin, you have a very good point. I think I have kind of lost sight of that in my desire to educate and keep people informed.